Concert photography

Moments under the stage and the time spent with music & musicians are priceless for me. Music is my sweet addiction that tempts me to always succumbs to its magic. Sounds take me away in a special world, where with the help of light and energy I create photos. I draw music as I feel it.


I love people and their stories. I do not think that there exist anyone who don’t look good on photos. Anyway, the beauty is in the eye of beholder and it is a big thrill to disclose it

Published photos in media

Some of my published photos over the years.

CD Covers & Inside CD Photos

Some of my photos are published as CD covers or inside CD photos & LPs. More details are in folder Current stuff at my web page. You can also find some of them on the list of discogs …


I’m priviliged to be part of Robert Honn Yoga school with my camera. It is a photo project, but also a way of understanding body & mind. Few pics for a start 🙂

Petra’s World

It was created by accident while playing with the phone and turned into an interesting project, which sketches the world around me. Sometimes I take multiple shots in one day, but sometimes it take few days before something new is born … Here is a selection of photographs that are part of the Petras’ World

Magazines // Graphic Design

Editorial design professional with over 12 years experience working in the publishing field. I have aquired strong organizational skills, as well as the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously. In this gallery there is jus a bit of my work as Art Director from previous years to this day.