Photo Exhibition Sweet Addiction at Skopje Jazz Festival

Welcome to my photo exhibition Sweet Addiction as part of 34. Skopje Jazz Festival at Macedonian Opera and Ballet in Skopje. The opening will take place on 15th of October 2015 at 6.30 p.m. Hope to see you there 🙂


Petra Cvelbar Razstava Skopje jazz festival 2015

Photo Exhibition Sweet Addiction // photo by Žiga Koritnik





Introduction text by Luca Vitali:

“The essence of beauty of music … condensed in a glance. This is the feeling Petra’s photographs have raised in us in these last years: that of an immense beauty! These photos are her personal way to illustrate the charm of the world and share her passion for jazz. It is of vital importance to her to achieve this goal and surrender to such charming addiction. “Sweet Addiction” – what better name for one of her exhibitions? – recalls the sweetness of her smile, her love for music and its advocates, but also brings to mind the power of her framing and her musical tastes. Yes, Petra loves venturing into seismic musical matter to be handled with care, so far from the mainstream track. Free Jazz and improvised music is the area in which she has managed to create a noteworthy space and a reputation, standing out for quality and distinction. Many must have noticed these talents of hers, since records with pictures of her on the cover or in the liner notes come through my hands time and again…


Skopje jazz festival 2011

Petra by Ziga Koritnik


Petra’s world is made of inspired moments, whose leading characters are always shown in the best light. An amazing job whose roots lie in a particular poetic vein and does not need to resort to such contemporary “tricks of the trade” as desaturation and contrast –which seem to gratify many of her colleagues who end up depicting a world that is merely populated by synthetic masks, as of Plasticine. Petra’s subjects retain their human, vibrating side and her tale is one of empathy and art: she does not intend to capture with special effects, but emphatically takes part in the creative process, the unexpected, the epiphany which demands respect and observation… since, above all, Petra loves music and respects its exponents. She is not the “ruthless” photographer you often chance to meet at festivals mercelessly taking rapid-fire pictures – in a continuous “annoying” movement just few inches away from the musicians. She moves soft-footed and captures moments of creativeness unperceived, unaffectedly and with great discretion. Every shot stands between two moments of listening, mid-way between the eyes-closed and the eyes-open state: watchful and powerful eyes knowing well how to catch real gems in just one second. 

“Sweet Addiction” is more than just an exhibition: it is Petra’s personal journey to quell her addiction to jazz music.”


Luca Vitali

Bologna, Italy, September 2015

Post by Petra Cvelbar

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