REGEN and Dora Tomori, Gala Hala, Ljubljana, SLO

REGEN + Dora Tomori

I love when I see younger generation eager to try new stuff … and so it happened that I spent very nice evening listening to newcomer Dora Tomori that performed before REGEN, also quite new Slovenian band. And yes, before you ask, I do listen to other stuff than improvised music 😉

The concert took place on 4th of June 2022 at Gala Hala, Ljubljana

Dora Tomori (voice, guitar) + Timotej Poznič (guitar)

Gaja Kuščer – vocals, Gašper Sedej – guitar, Jan Mori – keyboards, Andraž Dražumerič – bass, Maks Rozman – drums


Post by Petra Cvelbar

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